Who We Are

George R. started his company with fellow crew members, the team has been working together for now 17 years. The team is composed of friends, dads, artisans, and craftsman.

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Team Leaders

George R.
George R.Founder / Owner
George officially started JACE in 2005, when after learning the wood flooring business, managing flooring crews and running the entire company for his previous employer, he decided to venture into business of his own. It has been a road full of hard work, late nights, weekends, and many other sacrifices, but most of all it has been a blessing!
JeffFlooring Guru
The oldest is Jeff, with over 25 years of wood flooring experience he makes our Flooring GURU.
Jose Sanding & Finishing Artisan
Jose is been with JACE since the inception one of the Sanding, & Finishing Artisans he brings his passion to the his craft.
Sergio Flooring Surgeon
Sergio has been named the Flooring Surgeon with his precise and stylish craftsmanship.
Miguel Project Manager
Miguel is our project manager, and he been with us for over a year. He assists with jobs by delivering materials in between jobs, and helps our crews with small jobs. You will meet him throughout the process because he will deliver your BONA cleaning kit after the job. You can contact him throughout the process for any other issues you may have.